Wood Fuel Stoves from Vonderhaar will help you enjoy outstanding performance and design features, with manufacturers like Alderlea, Harman, and Pacific to back you up. We offer durable, classy, versatile wood fuel stoves to fit your every need, whether it be a special design close to a corner like the Regency Classic S2400 Wood Stove, or the timeless look of the Jotul F 602 CB, the best-selling wood stove ever produced.

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We appeal to a wide variety of tastes, from the simple efficiency and low-maintenance models to classy, elegant high-end stoves. Our stoves can heat large areas and allow the homeowner a clear and magnificent view of the logs being burned. Some of our stoves even have a burn time of up to 12 hours! We are also cognizant of emission performance standards and only carry wood stoves that meet those standards. Safety is our number-one priority.

We also understand that you’re looking for the right image for your fireplace, so we have a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs and ensure your wood stove doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The Pacific Energy Spectrum, for example, offers a choice of arched or radiant doors and trivets in gold, nickel, brushed nickel, and metallic black along with one touch operation and a heating radius of 2000 square feet. We also carry models that are easy for beginners themselves to install and get their place nice and toasty without prior experience. Some stoves may need to be moved around, and we carry wood fuel stoves that are lighter and easier to do just that, if necessary.

Two of the most important things to consider when looking on our site for wood fuel stoves are safety and efficiency. Today’s wood stove models feature improvements in both. Less smoke, minimal ash, and less firewood requirements are also important. Looking for EPA certified wood stoves, visible by the EPA certification label that is usually on the back of the stove, is the best way to tell. Stoves can also be assigned to heat an entire home or just a single room. Make sure that you’re making the correct choice for both safety and efficiency. We are happy to help with a call or click from you today.

Vonderhaar is committed to helping you enjoy a safe, clean, well-maintained, properly working wood fuel stove. Be sure to call us today and get your wood fuel stove!