Chimineas  are a cute and charming fire pit that will give your yard a unique appearance. Traditionally, these fire pits have closed sides with an opening on the front and the top,  but some modern designs  have come to have an opening on all sides with the chimney being supported by a cast iron frame.  Chimineas are typically found at most home and garden stores and are a fun way to brighten up your outdoor living space. Since most Chimineas are made of ceramic, they can usually be painted on to create a unique and family-centric aura.

A downside to Chimineas is that they are relatively heavy and are not easily relocated. They are usually set upon a cast iron frame to help stabilize the piece and to keep smoke from freely blowing into your visitors’ faces.

Advantages of Chimineas

Unique Style
Smoke Control
Great for patios
Disadvantages of Chimineas

Material can crack
Not good for cooking
Best to burn only small pieces of wood

Fire Bowls

If you would like to replicate a campfire style pit then a fire bowl is for you. These large metallic bowls sit close to the ground and are usually hung by a cast iron frame. Fire bowls are great as they are portable and relatively cheap compared to most other options on the market. This kind of fire pit is also great for entertaining a large group of people, allowing for guests to gather on all sides.

Advantages of Fire Bowls

Low cost
Good for cooking
Somewhat portable
Disadvantages of Fire Bowls

Limited visual appeal
Can’t hold very large fires
Low to the ground

Fire Pit Tables

A fire pit table is the perfect solution for those who seek a fire that is a bit higher off the ground than a traditional fire pit. This kind of pit also allows a place for your guests to kick back and put their feet up close to the fire and to lay their drinks.  Fire pit tables will require more space than some of the other options, and are oftentimes hard to move because they are usually made of heavier stones.

Advantages of Fire Pit Tables

Provides a tabletop surface
Large pieces of wood can be burned
Sits high from ground
Disadvantages of Fire Pit Tables

Hard to move
Can be expensive