Fireplace Efficiency Tips

There are many ways to keep your fireplace running efficiently, but we felt it would be important to highlight some of the very best tips here on our blog. Here are some great tips to keep your fireplace running at maximum efficiency:

Burn ONLY Firewood!

Your air quality may be compromised if you’re burning things like painted wood, construction scraps, and treated wood, as these release chemicals from them into your home. Make sure you’re using dry firewood that has been that way for eight to 12 months.

Clean Up, Close Up

Closing the damper when your fireplace isn’t in use is essential to save yourself time, money, and energy used to heat it. Also, if your fireplace burns three cords of wood annually (a cord is 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long), then you should clean your chimney twice a year.

Build it Slowly

When you’re in the process of building the fire, keep the damper of your wood fireplace completely open to increase draw. Burn the fire hot, at least occasionally. Having the damper all the way open to help prevent smoke from lingering in the fireplace and developing creosote buildup.

While You’re At it…

Replace a poorly sealing damper to prevent heat loss. If you have a top-mounted damper that functions dually as a rain cap, then it will provide tighter closure than a traditional wood fireplace damper.

Final Tips

Safety is always important no matter what your level of experience with fireplaces is. Make sure you have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your house, near your wood fireplace as well as in bedroom areas.